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Top and Best linux distro for various computers

The Top and Best linux distributions for various platforms
--> As there are hundreds of linux distros, it is a hard thing to choose the best distro.Here I categorize some of the best distros for the different types of users and systems.

The best linux distro for desktop - Linux mint 12 "Lisa"

Linux mint 12 "Lisa"  is the best linux distribution currently available.Linux mint 12 features gnome 3 with mint shell extensions.It is called as "Cinnamon".It is very easy to switch back to gnome 3 from cinnamon by just disabling some of the extensions.Cinnamon looks like gnome 2 with the bottom taskbar,but it also has the new shell features of gnome 3.So many people who love the look of old gnome will taste the nostalgia.


The best linux distro for laptops - Opensuse 12.1

Opensuse12.1 comes with gnome 3.2 and latest color management tools.It is the best laptop edition with great power management,easy to use wireless tools,docking tools etc.As laptop users are very much concerned about the battery life,opensuse delivers the best way to make use of your laptop.

The best linux distro for servers - Debian 

With the great stability, Debian 6.0 wins the place for the best distro.The great old debian now has an opponent- Cent OS.Ubuntu server edition is also becoming more popular now a days.

The best

--> linux distro for old computer - puppy linux
Puppy linux  works in most of the old machines which are not supported by many distros.It is very fast and simple.You can boot your system with the puppy usb.

The best
linux distro for netbooks - Ubuntu netbook remix
Ubuntu netbook remix wins in the competition with jolicloud.By the 6 months release cycle,ubuntu has become no.1 in the netbook market defeating jolicloud.Ubuntu unity interface has improved a lot from the previous version.


The best
linux distro for customization - Arch linux
Arch linux gives the best way to customize your desktop.Arch installation guide helps even the beginners to install their favourite linux distro.Although the arch installation process is a hard thing,you will get satisfied once you get through.Arch installation is a text based installation,so most of the beginners get disappointed with the guide.But it is very simple if you read the installation guide thoroughly.

The best
linux distro with gnome 3 - Fedora 16
Fedora 16 comes with gnome 3.2.As far as my experience fedora provides better gnome 3 experience than opensuse default.Fedora now acts like a flagship of gnome 3.

The best
linux distro for beginners - Ubuntu
The most popular linux distro in the world,Ubuntu is a simple,fast os and it is easy to manage the system even by the new users coming from windows,mac osx etc.

The best
linux distro for multimedia - Ubuntu studio
Ubuntu studio based on the popular os ubuntu.It is just ubuntu with additional multimedia and graphics tools.The latest version is studio 11.10.Even though it is made for multimedia,you can install any software from the ubuntu repository.Ubuntu studio gives greater support for your audio and video drivers.

The best
linux distro for security - Backtrack linux
Backtrack linux 5 R2 is the current version of the distro with most advanced security features.It comes with tools for securing your wifi as well with hacking tools.

The best
linux distro for live cd - CTKArch
A live cd should be fast and simple and CTKArch meets these two criterias,It is based on arch and uses openbox.The CTKArch team claims a 10-15 seconds boot time on netbooks. 

The best
linux distro with KDE - Opensuse
Opensuse is the best KDE distribution for years.Even though opensuse team now gives more importance to gnome 3 version,still the kde version is the best in the market

The best 
linux distro with LXDE - Lubuntu
Lubuntu is ubuntu plus lxde.Lxde is very fast compared much heavier interfaces like gnome and kde.Since lxde is under development you may not be satisfied if you are migrating from gnome or kde.But it is really very fast.

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